Friday, April 6, 2012

Everywhere I go.

I see you.
I see the things we used to do
Places we ate at...not too long ago
Streets we walked, holding hands
We always held hands. Always.

I see your smile
Your love for good food
Your craving for my company
Constant chatter about
Things we need to do
Things we need to see
We laughed. A lot
You were goofy
You always had your arm
Around me
My big spoon.

I sit here at this cafe
Eating lunch with your father
You look like him...
He is sad, but still smiling
The cafe reminds me of our times
At Alta Bates
Getting ready for Maya
You loved the cafeteria food
You held my hand through
Every birthing class
"Jesse, you'd make a great doula..."said the instructor

It's so lonely here without you
Close my eyes
I see you.

1 comment:

  1. keep the love alive darling...Jesse's always with you...