Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I hate the word "widow"

I have been defined, categorized, labelled many things.
Immigrant. Woman of color. Bitch. Legal alien. Non Citizen. Asian. Feminist. Mother. Wife. Straight. Married. Whatever.

I however hate the word "widow".

It is just so depressing, pitiful, and makes me feel old, lonely and OLD. Well...I am lonely...but fuck, I am only 33. It doesn't matter. I don't want to associate myself with that word even when I am 93.

I am dealing with enough emotions already after having lost my husband and I don't need to fit into a label...ANY label just yet. Not ever. Not for you.

No I don't.

And yes...I am still married to Jesse.
I am Priya.


  1. totally agree with you...stay away from insensitive people dear!

  2. I don't see why any woman's identity must be defined by her male counterpart. I suppose terms like widow was coined by the patriarchal suffrage to persecute single women and serve as a warning to daughters and married women what life awaits them if they lacked male protection and support. Fundamentally this persecution designed to keep women from seeking their own voice within to say how woefully inadequate a woman is without man. Only fair to reject and disregard such arrant garbage!

  3. Dint mean to be anonymous Pri. It's Smitha here